SAS and MSc in BA Joint Certificate in SAS Programming and Data Mining

The MSc in Business Analytics has partnered with SAS, global leader in business analytics and business intelligence solutions, to establish a Joint Certificate Program in SAS Programming and Data Mining. The SAS Programming expertise that will be acquired from this program will be of significant value to students as it is one of the most demanded skills for data scientists in the local and international job market.

The aim of this joint certificate, which is part of the globally acclaimed academic program of SAS, is twofold:

1) Train students to access data sources, manage data and perform reporting using the SAS Programming interface – the well known Base SAS and

2) Educate individuals to apply data mining i.e. predictive modeling and pattern discovery techniques to real - life business problems using SAS Enterprise Miner.

The certificate program contains both theoretical training through selected courses of the MSc curriculum and practical training in SAS technologies. Last but not least and as part of the certificate requirements, students must complete a project by analyzing real and dirty data of sufficient size to provide them with a realistic and challenging view into what they will see in the real world.

The completion of the joint certificate requires an extra 30 hours of SAS training, it is beyond MSc’s standard requirements, it is offered at no additional cost, and it is optional.