Student id/pass:

At the beginning of your studies you will be given full instructions in order to apply for the student id/pass through the website of the Greek Ministry of Education. Relevant guidelines are provided by the secretariat at the beginning of the academic year.

Internet access:

The Network Operation Center (NOC) of AUEB gives the possibility to post-graduate students to obtain an account through the University’s webserver (aueb account). The username and passwords for these accounts are sent by the secretariat. These codes give you access to the electronic library as well as internet access through the university (vpn) and an e-mail account.

Accommodation: Information about available accommodation for students.

Additional Student Benefits:

It must be noted that all participants of the program have a student meal card, through which they can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner at the student cafeteria during the week at a cost of about € 2 per day.

AUEB Student life: Services provided to the students of the Athens University of Economics & Business.

Re-establishment of the Program (Bulletin of the Government Gazette no 2774/issue B’/12-07-2018, Bulletin of the Government Gazette no 1517/issue B’/22-04-2020, Bulletin of the Government Gazette no 5078/issue B’/17-11-2020)

Program Regulation  (Bulletin of the Government Gazette no 6072/issue B’/19-10-2023)