Part-time program


The part time program consists of two years of coursework, followed by a semester-long thesis or capstone project. Details on the courses can be found here.

Fall Quarter, Year 1

  • Data Management and Business Intelligence
  • Statistics for Business Analytics I

Winter Quarter, Year 1

  • Big Data Systems
  • Statistics for Business Analytics II
  • Analytics Practicum I (1st part – Python for Analytics)

Spring Quarter, Year 1

  • Mining Big Datasets
  • Social Network Analysis (short course)
  • Machine Learning and Content Analytics (short course)

Fall Quarter, Year 2

  • Large Scale Optimization
  • Information Systems & Business Process Management
  • Certificate in SAS Programming & Data Mining (info)

Winter Quarter, Year 2

  • Business and Privacy Issues in Data Analysis
  • Analytics Practicum I (2nd part – SAS tools)
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (short course)

Spring Quarter, Year 2

  • Analytics Practicum II (Visualization, Cloud Analytics)
  • Business Analytics Use Cases
  • Advanced Topics in Statistics or Advanced Topics in Data Engineering

Capstone project/Thesis