Athens University of Economics and Business


Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB), formerly the Athens School of Economics and Business, is the oldest educational institution in Greece in the fields of Economics and Business Administration, at both the undergraduate and the postgraduate levels. In more recent years, the fields of Informatics and Statistics have also been added, with great success.

Since our University was founded in 1920, it has made an outstanding contribution to the education of the youth of the country as well as to science. Thousands of its graduates are now high ranking administrative and financial executives in the public and private sectors of the economy, faculty members in Greek and foreign universities, and members of international organizations.

With eight Undergraduate Departments that are ranked in the highest positions among the preferences of prospective students, with twenty-nine exceptionally popular (full and part-time) Postgraduate Programmes and with its Doctoral Programmes, AUEB is the top university in Greece, and one of the best universities internationally in the fields of science that it covers. The University’s good reputation reflects the high caliber of its academic staff, the high quality of its research and teaching, the up-to-date curricula it offers, as well as the distinctions achieved by its students and its graduates. Through the internal and external evaluation processes that have been successfully implemented in recent years, we strive for continual improvement.

The goal of our University is to serve as a center of education and scientific excellence, democracy, meritocracy, extroversion, transparency and social accountability, and as a source of intellectual wealth for our country, especially in these difficult times that it is going through.

We want our students to acquire the best scientific training possible, which will enable them to become successful professionals in Europe and worldwide. Simultaneously, within its limited financial capacity, AUEB offers its students a host of cultural, athletic and other activities and services, contributing to the fullest possible extent to their well-rounded personal development.

We endeavor to develop an on-going relationship with our students. By maintaining and further developing long-term and close cooperation with the Greek business world, AUEB facilitates and supports, through its services, the career placements of its graduates. With a strong sense of responsibility, AUEB contributes decisively to the creation of the most important resource a country can have: its human capital.

Navigating through the pages of our University’s website will help you obtain valuable information about its history, its academic departments, undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered, academic activities, faculty and administrative staff, and services available to students.

Professor Konstantinos Gatsios